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Divinity of nature

Divinity of Nature in hands of professionals.
Using cutting edge technology and nature gifts we bring the essence of proffesional products. 

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About us

Loxus Cosmetics™ is a Polish cosmetic manufacturer registered in 2018. We cooperate with laboratories throughout Europe, we employ a team of specialists with over 25 years of experience in the beauty industry. Our services are directed mainly to hairdressing salons and professional hair stylists.

Our philosophy

Our goal is to achieve symbiosis by combining the gifts of nature with the latest discoveries in science and production technologies. We produce cosmetics with a high concentration of certified natural active ingredients and high potency. We work with leading European laboratories and staff of stylists, hairdressing technicians, cosmetologists, and trichologists. This gives us the opportunity to develop and implement cutting-edge technologies in our products, such as Booster Technology, which significantly increases the effectiveness of our cosmetics, making them one of the best on the market.

The basis of the entire process is the care for the quality of components and details in the production and packaging process. That is why every element of the product, all extracts, mineral concentrates, and other active ingredients come from certified sources that meet the strict standards of the European Union. We make every effort to ensure that the entire process, from the moment of sowing the first seed, through the creation of precise and optimal product recipes, and packaging designs with care for ecology, until the first time you use our products, is impeccable and fully satisfactory for you.

When creating products for professionals, we appreciate their commitment and time. That is why our logistics and customer service play an equally high standard. At Loxus Cosmetics we make every effort to provide your company with full marketing support, and work to ensure that the ordering process is simple and limited to a few clicks. In addition, we successively implement new technologies, such as qr codes, customer cards, and advanced systems that you, as a professional, can develop and provide the best service to your customers. Our main goal is to give you the products and tools you need, to be always satisfied with them and one step ahead of the competition.

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