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Shampoos / Masks

The collection of shampoos and masks that eliminates the most common scalp ailments thanks to the perfect composition of natural ingredients.

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Shampoos / Masks

Discover what makes Loxus Trichology soo good.


The definitive trichology solution

The Trichology series is the definitive series of trichology products, which is the accumulation of over 20 years of work, experience, and laboratory testing. The series effectively eliminates the most common scalp ailments. Its effectiveness is due to a unique combination of natural, certified ingredients. Our cosmetics provide a professional with a powerful work tool that is incredibly efficient, and effective and facilitates the process of working with the client.


Our cosmetics are based on an ecosystem of symbiosis between products and their compatibility, which gives you the tool of precise diagnosis using a numerical system, as well as combining products to create extremely effective combinations.


If you are interested in these products. We invite you to a free consultation.

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